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Back in the nineties, our daughter, Gina
referred us to Brodie and we are
still thanking her to this day. Ray stopped
smoking after his first session, and I was
almost completely healed from rheumatoid
arthritis. We moved to Portland, Or.,but
still continue to get our monthly acupuncture
to maintain our health. Ray is in remission
from cancer eight years now, and my
rheumatoid is hardly noticeable. Brodie also helped me to stop drinking soda and eat
candy. Wow thank you Brodie, we are
sooo healthy thanks to you!!! Acupuncture
is such a wonderful alternative to western
style medicine.
Ray and Gayle Alexia.

Ray and Gayle

Brodie is a very sensitive and caring practitioner. His calm and relaxed nature made me comfortable enough to try acupuncture. He really cares about your health issues and listens. Brodie understands that you are the expert in what is happening with you.


I came to Brodie from a friend referral at 36 weeks pregnant in hopes that moxibustion could help to turn my breech baby. After teaching me how to do moxibustion and providing me with the needed supplies, my husband and I completed it daily and found out at 38 weeks that our little one did in fact make the turn. Brodie was so helpful and knowledgeable and assisted me in understanding how this might work,and I believed that it could- I think that made all the difference. He was available for my questions at any time, and was calming and reassuring. I could feel the baby's movements increase from the first moxi treatment.


Becoming a Lotus Center patient is the best self-care step I’ve ever taken! The practitioners are highly credentialed, deeply experienced, and work with the greatest integrity in every detail. They are truly gifted human beings who are also down to earth. They relate with comfort and ease, and this is part of what makes them so great. The facility is beautiful, calming, and nurturing. All Lotus Center employees are warm, responsive, and highly organized. Bottom line, the results of my treatments have consistently exceeded my hopes, and have changed my life. I am ever grateful. –Heidi (Ann Arbor)


I have seen Brodie and Heather both extensively for about a year. I have been to acupuncturists before, but one with as much innate wisdom, amazing healing capability, or deep compassion as these two practitioners. I have been dealing with a very serious, disabling disease at the age of 33 for over 4 years, and my symptoms always improve and my body and mind benefit immensely from their treatments. Had I not moved back to SF, I would be seeing them every week still! Thank you both!


Ever since seeing Brodie in July I've had excellent results. I've been singing his praises to anyone who will listen. I've referred my husband and several friends and co-workers with more on the way. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that it was a life-changing experience and it keeps getting better with every visit.


Comments: Brodie has helped me to be the healthiest I've ever been. Having a thyroid issue, acupuncture is one of the only treatments available outside of surgery. His treatments have significantly reduced the size of my goiter, and has allowed it to finally feel comfortable again. Outside of the physical ailments, Brodie is an excellent listener and healer of my thoughts/worries. I always have the most amazing experience when I'm here.


Perimenopause, loss of a loved one, work stress and childhood trauma .... mix them all up and you get one unbalanced body. I am blessed beyond comprehension to have been referred to Brodie for acupuncture. After the first treatment, my stress lifted, my body felt light and I felt more like myself than ever in my life. His intuitive sense of what you need to heal is nothing short of miraculous. His kindness, warmth and caring are unparalleled. When people talk about divine calling, Brodie has certainly found his. Without a doubt, he was meant to be a healer and bring happiness and health back into the lives of those he serves. Run, don't walk to make an appointment with him for whatever ails you; so that you can have the same experience. Many of my symptoms relieved almost immediately (which Brodie counsels is not the case for everyone) and I look forward to having him accompany me on my journey to total health and wholeness. The Lotus Center in and of itself is a beautiful place and very conducive to the healing that occurs there.


The new center us a really lovely place. It makes you feel good just being there! I've been getting acupuncture treatments and using Chinese herbs for the last 32 years and find it to be one of THE most effective forms of healing for all kinds of health issues. It keeps me balanced and sane. I have been to a a lot of practitioners, including in Asia, so I know a good treatment when I get one...Brodie is up there at the top of the list!


The Lotus Center:
"I just want to say how thrilled I am to discover this beautiful healing center. Everything about your place, from the moment one walks in the door, is soothing and joyous to the whole being, and thats before the therapists even touch you. I am particularly appreciative of the fact that one is not bombarded with the next new thing, which can leave one with the sense of never having enough. My sessions at your center all-ways leave me feeling complete, just as I am!


"I suffered for years from endometriosis, despite laparoscopic surgery and birth control intervention. Finally I found lasting relief at The Lotus Center. My acupuncture treatments were immediately helpful in reducing the pain of my periods. Over time, they have helped regulate my cycle and now my cramping is minimal & managed without pain meds."


"I started coming to the Lotus Center due to infertility issues. I’m delighted to report that almost exactly one year after starting acupuncture treatment here, I now have a beautiful little daughter. I firmly believe that acupuncture not only helped me to get pregnant, but also helped me to have a very smooth, comfortable, and healthy pregnancy."


"The acupuncture process has been a real eye-opener to me at 73 years. I sought out Heather Sloan for help with a torn rotator cuff. Within 9 months I was able to swing my arm about in a 360-degree arc. And that without surgery! It has been such an empowering experience and has helped me maintain a vigor which otherwise the aging process might have swept away."


torn tendon:
"After months of traditional treatment for a torn tendon, I found The Lotus Center. Within weeks of initiating acupuncture, the change was apparent. The pain is now virtually gone, strength and mobility restored and a sense that this is not just symptomatic relief, but actual healing. Hip and other joint pain caused by prolonged misalignment is also improved. I believe much of this success stems from being partnered with the “right” therapist for me. Thank you Heather!"


"I went to Heather because I was undergoing in vitro fertilization: my doctors at the University of Michigan told me that acupuncture is a method to increase the success rate of the IVF procedure, and Heather has a lot of knowledge on acupuncture and fertility. I am now awaiting the birth of my baby in a few months. I don't know why acupuncture aids in fertility, but I can say that visiting Heather for acupuncture each week became a place where I felt heard in the midst of a difficult procedure, and I can say that acupuncture definitely calmed my anxieties. I could feel my energy clearing and balancing, and I could feel myself able to breathe, find peace, and access a stronger self. I am grateful for Heather for helping me to achieve pregnancy, and for making the journey to get there much richer."


Migraines, Mediere's Disease:
"I've been struggling for many years with chronic daily migraines, and more recently Meniere's disease. But since starting acupuncture with Brodie earlier this year, I find myself checking in with my body and am surprised to feel a new lightness from freedom from pain and discomfort. Importantly too, I want to mention that during each visit, in addition to work on your body, Brodie expresses a holistic care of your person, is compassionate, without judgment, speaking from and to the heart."


"Because of persistent problems with my ears, I sought Brodie's help. Through acupuncture treatments with Brodie, I have moved to a more comfortable place with my issue. When visiting Brodie's office for treatment, I always felt I was at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing."


"I was very anxious about getting acupuncture treatments, although I knew that they would be so helpful to me physically and spiritually. As soon as I met Brodie I felt more comfortable, his presence is so calming and peaceful. My favorite thing is that he really takes the time to talk about any concerns I may have. During my first acupuncture treatment I was really nervous and hesitant. Brodie did such a good job of making me feel safe that I now look forward to getting my treatments. After acupuncture, I feel calm and grounded and have an overall feeling of well being. I trust Brodie completely and highly recommend him. My parents both see him as well and he has been a tremendous help to us all."


"Excellent! I appreciate the time, care and effort. Brodie is an excellent practitioner and excels in his field."


"Brodie has been very helpful in my control of fibromyalgia. I have found that acupuncture can really calm flares. In addition regular treatments have helped me to remain flexible and to take less medication. Thanks for your caring and skillful care."


"Brodie is: bright, relaxed, observant, dedicated, intuitive, energetic as well as balanced, understanding, receptive, reassuring, insightful and soothing."

Mary Lou and Kelly

"Brodie uses a juxtaposition of the exploration of the psyche and the body, with a gentle healing mix of insight and skill with acupuncture."


"I like the "personal touch" that I receive from Brodie and his staff at the Center. It is most evident that my personal care and comfort are their number one concern."


"In the fall of 2006 I had surgery, using acupuncture treatments, before and after to aid in the healing process. The surgery and recovery went unbelievably well with virtually no fear or pain and minimal bleeding and scarring. I continue acupuncture because it is for me, a mysterious mode of working holistically on whatever the current challenges of my life journey. Be they primarily spiritual, emotional, or physical. It is for me a profound healing experience."


"After more than 25 years of chronic bronchitis, with annual visits to the ER, and treated with system-stripping antibiotics-the past 3 years have been free of anything beyond the sniffles or a sore throat. All this thanks to what I call "Brodie's brews": custom crafted teas created from his more than 250 Chinese Herbs. 2-4 days with the herbs and my symptoms were gone! I am more than delighted with my new level of health."


"I was referred to brodie (through a friend of a friend) because I was having really wicked headaches. Brodie worked with me through the course of several weeks and now I am virtually headache free. He's gentle and explains everything as he goes along. Why he's using certain points, why he's making sensations stronger etc. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Ann Arbor area who is seeking an acupuncturist."

Lisa Marie

"I suffered with migraines from quite some time. I have taken many medications to control pain and abort them, but the headaches have almost been eliminated with acupuncture. I can not say enough about how wonderful Brodie has been to me. I have encouraged my friends to try this and tell everyone about my success. Thanks, does not begin to say it."


"Brodie is an exceptionally intuitive, esoteric, compassionate, trustworthy and trusting individual who provides a healing environment that is safe, calm and professional. I wholeheartedly support him and his work."


"I have been to Brodie for at least five years now. I am a flight attendant with many issues that he has helped me with. I thank him from the bottom of my heart."


"Quite simply Brodie brought me back to life."


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