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Respiratory Conditions

From the common cold to more serious conditions, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have a long history of working very well to eliminate respiratory symptoms and strengthen the bodies healthy functioning.


Whether seasonal or chronic, allergies to dust, pollen and molds are the response of an overactive immune system. While Acupuncture and herbs offer effective non-drug therapy to manage the acute symptoms of allergic reactions, the real gift of Chinese Medicine treatment is to regulate the body’s immune system and reduce the inflammatory process. This in turn can reduce and or eliminate ones allergic response, because when our vitality is robust we are able to more easily tolerate the irritants we encounter on a daily basis.


Asthma can be considered in many ways an exaggeration of the body’s allergic response. This is often seen in asthma attacks that are triggered by exposure to allergens. In addition, chronic asthma, and non-allergic asthma can be caused by an imbalance within the body.

According to the view of Chinese Medicine, treating asthma with strong medications like steroids, though necessary in some acute situations, when used long term, will deplete the adrenal system and effect the neuro chemistry. This in turn leads to a slow degeneration of the body’s vitality and an escalation in the severity of the asthma, and increased dependence on heavier medications.

Chinese Medicine treats asthma by:

  • boosting adrenal function
  • balancing the sympathetic/parasympathic nervous systems
  • reducing allergic sensitivities
  • improving the health of the respiratory system.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Bronchitis

Chinese Medicine is a very effective treatment for Respiratory Problems, from allergies and asthma, to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We view the degeneration of pulmonary function as a systemic issue. This means that not only the functioning of the respiratory system must be addressed, but the vital function of the whole body must be addressed as well.

Acupuncture and herbs work to increase the vitality of the respiratory, adrenal, and immune systems to treat chronic respiratory conditions while at the same time managing the acute manifestations.
We don’t intend to replace your western care, we intend to support and strengthen your body so that your western care works better and faster. When one is on pharmaceutical medications, one should stay on their medications until it is clear that the dosage can be reduced. Over time, as the body responds, the dosage can be reduced significantly, if not eliminated in all bu the more severe conditions.

For more information on the treatment of respiratory disorders with Chinese Medicine, visit these web sites:

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