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IMGgen-stackedstoneAnxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a natural part of the stress response.  But when this stress response becomes unbalanced, anxiety occurs more often and begins to interfere with daily life. The level of anxiety can grow to be out of proportion with its cause, or even be without cause at all. Frequently people become anxious about being anxious.  Anxiety can lead to insomnia, palpitations and panic attacks, which only makes things worse.

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety is usually a combination of factors which, over time, lead the nervous system to remain in an over stimulated state. Some of these factors include caffeine and other stimulants, overwork, lack of sleep, excessive grief or depression, and poor nutrition, among many others.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture tends to create relaxation almost immediately. In fact one of the most common effects of acupuncture, when treating any illness, is a feeling of profound calm during and after a treatment. When acupuncture is used specifically for anxiety, not only is there immediate relaxation, but there is a lasting effect on the nervous system. Acupuncture does not simply mask the symptoms.  Unlike medication, every acupuncture treatment brings the nervous system closer to that ideal balance, and once this is achieved, acupuncture is no longer needed.

Acupuncture for Depression

Depression has many possible sources. The stressful circumstances of life, pent up emotions, a family history of depression, lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise are all possible contributing factors in creating an energetic and or chemical imbalance. Acupuncture can help you break this cycle of imbalance and help you emerge from your depression.

Acupuncture has been Proven Effective in Treating Depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that acupuncture has been proven — through controlled clinical trials — to be an effective treatment for depression. What is unique about acupuncture for depression, is that you don’t need to take it forever like  medications. Acupuncture is not used mask the imbalance, but rather bring about a lasting change.


Stress is a major reason for health problems, especially in the hectic world that we live in today. The mental strain and anxiety of a fast-paced work environment often leads to headaches, insomnia, muscle tension, panic/anxiety disorders, palpitations, fatigue, emotional disturbances, weight gain, digestive disorders and countless other problems.

A Natural Alternative

Acupuncture can be extremely effective in the treatment of stress. Acupuncture does not simply calm the mind and relax the muscles temporarily, but aims to bring lasting balance to various systems of the body and breaks the cycle of imbalance.
Anti-anxiety medication, muscle relaxants and pain killers can make you feel drugged, and may just mask the problem. Acupuncture and herbal medicine on the other hand allow the patient to naturally fall asleep, feel calm, or be without pain, even after the treatments and the herbs are finished. This is because acupuncture doesn’t simply treat the symptom but treats the underlying cause of the imbalance.

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