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Headaches and Migraines

“I was referred to Brodie because I was having really wicked headaches. Brodie worked with me through the course of several weeks and now I am virtually headache free. He’s gentle and explains everything as he goes along – why he’s using certain points, why he’s making sensations stronger etc. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Ann Arbor area who is seeking an acupuncturist.” -Lisa Marie

In Chinese Medicine, headaches are considered to be the experience of stagnation or turbulence in the circulation of energy and blood flow through the affected area.  This may be due to injury or internal imbalances in the organ systems created by the stressful lifestyles that most of us lead.  By correcting these imbalances and invigorating the circulation, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have an excellent chance to not only relieve a headache in progress but to eliminate the source of the headaches and help restore a person to an improved quality of life.

In our treatment of headaches and migraines, there is also the exploration of what triggers may be present in your life. Avoiding these triggers, and improving the diet and lifestyle in general are some of the additional ways in which migraines and headaches can be avoided.

Research shows that acupuncture can be more effective in treating migraine headaches than pharmaceuticals.

“I suffered with migraines for quite some time. I have taken many medications to control pain and abort them, but the headaches have almost been eliminated with acupuncture. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Brodie has been to me. I have encouraged my friends to try this and tell everyone about my success. Thanks, does not begin to say it.” -Cheri

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