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Carol Benedict

Carol Benedict, M.S., Advanced Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master

Carol has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy in Ann Arbor for 23 years.  She has trained with the Upledger Institute since 1998 and currently has completed CSTI, CSTII, SER I, SERII, Advanced CST Levels, TBSI (The Brain Speaks).  She is a certified Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki  and integrates her Western clinical experiences with her more subtle and gentle approach to helping relieve chronic head, neck, and back pain/injury, as well as stress and tension related dysfunction or PTSD. Additionally, Carol has experience with neurological difficulty as well issues following  brain injuries. She can facilitate inner and outer transformation to help you move through blockages and/or obstructions in your life.

Carol earned her Master of Science degree in Kinesiology in 1987 from the University of Michigan after a 3 year undergraduate program at Hillsdale College studying Biology/Pre-med under a full academic scholarship.  Her early career involved internships at Medsport of Dominos Farm and Chelsea Community Hospital. She then graduated to supervising cardiac patients at Saline Community Hospital in 1988.  There, Carol coordinated a complete Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Program for 12 years.  She also served in rotation at SCH’s Diagnostic Cardiovascular Lab monitoring Stress EKG testing.  In 2000-2004, Carol co-founded VitalPoint Healing Center where she both practiced as a Craniosacral Therapist and directed a Complementary Therapy and Alternative Healing Modality Center.

As a volunteer, Carol sings with Ann Arbor’s Threshold Choir at the bedside of hospice patients.  She is a member of the Jewel Heart Spiritual Community and the Rudolph Steiner School/Anthroposophy Community of Ann Arbor. She has coached girl’s and boy’s cross country at Rudolf Steiner High School for the last 8 years. She recently attended a seminar in the Bahamas learning both dolphin-assisted therapy and the practice of Craniosacral Therapy sessions in the water for special needs.

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